We asked our Makers to create inspiring WORDS of HOPE...


Introducing #MakeWordsOfHope! We asked all 180 KAMERS Online Makers to create unique, once-off words in the medium of their choice as encouragement to the world at this time. As always their creativity & optimism is an inspiration to our team and all of South Africa!


Now you can support them by shopping their products online, right here at kamers.co.za. Yes, you might have to wait a little longer to get some of your purchases, but you will be helping keep the hopes, dreams & families of many SMEs alive.



Many of us have never known a time when hope was more needed. We want to spread positive messages around the globe. So make your own words and share them with us on social media using @kamersvol & #MakeWordsOfHope. We will be featuring our favourites right here.


Stay hopeful, SA!