Sell Online Through The KAMERS/Makers Online Marketplace


People visit KAMERS/Makers to experience a vast selection of South African handcrafted products. To reflect this experience online, we have partnered with Shopstar to develop a growing digital marketplace specialising in authentic, passionately made products.

If your product fits the bill, you can become part of this marketplace and start selling through KAMERS/Makers in a few easy steps.


How does it work?
  • Using Shopstar’s endorsement model, KAMERS/Makers Online Marketplace can market any product sold in a Shopstar online shop.
  • If you use Shopstar’s platform to easily create and manage your own online shop, we can showcase your products on our site.
  • Shoppers can then discover your products on our site, but when they buy, they buy directly from you.
  • You manage your own stock and dispatch your own orders.
  • KAMERS/Makers Online tracks sales and takes a referral commission fee (as determined by you) on sales made via our site.

The result is an online version of KAMERS/Makers events, where we focus on our strengths: providing a platform for talented creatives to sell their products and marketing it to a big audience; and you focus on your strengths: creating and selling beautiful, innovative products.

  • We market your products from your shop on our site, our popular social media channels, various publications and newsletter.
  • Another route for shoppers to discover you, leading to more sales.
  • No additional costs – only when shoppers buy your product on our site do we take the commission you predetermine.

There are two ways of joining Shopstar and KAMERS/Makers online:

​OPTION 1: Start a Shopstar Shop

  • Sign up for your online shop at
  • Set up your shop with product descriptions and photos. Use this easy set up guide (start from the bottom of this list) or this video guide.
  • With this option, you get to use Shopstar as a full website & online store platform. You get to design your website & shopfront. 
  • Anyone can purchase from you (not just KAMERS/Makers shoppers).
  • You manage your site as you would a normal online store and website - and you get the KAMERS/Makers benefits.
  • Once your store is set up and you have finished the design, follow this video or this link to join as a Marketplace SUPPLIER.
  • Set your commission % in the Marketplace section. The default is 15%, but the minimum is 10%. The higher your commission, the more exposure we will aim to give you.
  • After Shopstar has verified you, email and let us know you've added your products!
  • Have a look at Shopstar for more info


OPTION 2: Link from a WooCommerce or Shopify shop

  • With this option, you can join Shopstar as a Dedicated Supplier.
  • This means, you simply sync your products from your existing Shopify / WooCommerce store.
  • You add your products to the marketplace and KAMERS/Makers finds you there.
  • With this option, you don't design a website or a storefront. You are just a supplier from your existing site. 
  • Have a look at this video for Shopify sync or this video for WooCommerce sync. Or look at this page for steps.
  • You can also join as a Dedicated Supplier even if you dont have an existing Shopify or WooCommerce site.
  • Being a Dedicated Supplier is FREE

For more info and help, visit the Shopstar support site, or email or


Product Requirements

Please note that submitting products to Shopstar Marketplace does not guarantee being featured by KAMERS/Makers. We curate products based on our unique style and our shoppers' preferences. We only accept South African products and focus mainly on handmade items. Product photos and descriptions are very important when selling online and we will not be able to accept products which are not photographed and described well.

You are welcome to send a few sample photos to so we can advise whether your products are suitable.



On our platform, you are responsible for delivering your own products to shoppers. If you can offer free delivery it should boost your sales, as orders from multiple Makers will incur multiple delivery costs.

Our Makers are now well aware of the KM battle against single-use plastics, and the great strides we’ve made in pushing our events to be pretty-much plastic free environments. So we’re really excited to introduce you to Trent Pike’s Mielie Mailer concept, helping us tackle the profligate use of plastics in the courier/delivery industry. Mielie Mailers tick all of our best boxes; proudly local, innovative, ingenious and just a little crazy! Please support them wherever you can - yes, they are a little more costly than the dreaded plastic options but we are sure an increasing number of your shoppers will opt for this packaging choice, if you can offer it.


In essence, Mielie Mailer replaces those pesky single-use plastic bags courier companies use to deliver your goods, with a plastic-free version. Their bags are certified as home compostable and using them for any delivery contributes to tree planting initiatives and projects in Africa.

"What does this partnership between KAMERS/Makers and Mielie Mailer mean for me, as a business?"

A 15% discount on their online store, to help you switch to their sustainable alternatives. Just use promo code KAMERSVOL15 at checkout.

Help us ‘save the world’ with every eCommerce delivery you send out and become a superhero. We can’t promise you a blockbuster movie, but we can promise that you are genuinely making a difference. As individual companies our impacts are small, but together our power is immense.