Sell Online Through The KAMERS Online Marketplace

People visit KAMERS/Makers to experience a vast selection of South African handcrafted products. To reflect this experience online, we have partnered with Shopstar to develop a growing digital marketplace specialising in authentic, passionately made products.

If your product fits the bill, you can become part of this marketplace and start selling through KAMERS/Makers in a few easy steps.

How does it work?
  • Using Shopstar’s endorsement model, KAMERS Online Marketplace can market any product sold in a Shopstar online shop.
  • If you use Shopstar’s platform to easily create and manage your own online shop, we can showcase your products on our site.
  • Shoppers can then discover your products on our site, but when they buy, they buy directly from you.
  • You manage your own stock and dispatch your own orders.
  • KAMERS Online tracks sales and takes a referral commission fee (as determined by you) on sales made via our site.

The result is an online version of KAMERS/Makers events, where we focus on our strengths: providing a platform for talented creatives to sell their products and marketing it to a big audience; and you focus on your strengths: creating and selling beautiful, innovative products.

  • We market your products from your shop on our site, our popular social media channels, various publications and newsletter.
  • Another route for shoppers to discover you, leading to more sales.
  • No additional costs – only when shoppers buy your product on our site do we take the commission you predetermine.
Getting Started
  • Sign up for your online shop at Use the promo code kamers for an additional 14 day free trial (a total of 28 days free).
  • Set up your shop with product descriptions and photos. Use this easy set up guide.
  • Set your commission % in the Marketplace section.
  • In the tags section of each product you would like us to endorse, add @kamers-online-storeWe will then approve products we would like to feature.
  • For more info and help, visit the Shopstar support site, or email or

View products already endorsed.